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Its that time of the year to remove your pets dry summer coats! As the new fall coat comes in the old hair needs to come out! If the old dry hair remains on your pets skin soon they will be very uncomfortable and scratch and chew on themselves in re ...


Training Prices

Evaluations: $65.00
Training & Boarding option at our 18 acre state of the art Ranch starts at $450.00-$500.00 per week.
Each owner and dog will have a individual special training program.
This includes all basic care, training, your lessons, pl


Guthrie's Dog's in Action

Our team of trainers have been working with a production crew on the perfect Guthrie reference training video from selection to starting puppies to advanced handler/canine training. Ask about it!


Service Dogs

We offer a tailored Canine Service training with the purchase of one of our qualified German Shepherds

*American Vet's are in need of service canines more now than ever not just for the injured but also for PTSD. The companionship of a well train


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